Gun Violence and LGBT Adults

By Kerith J. Conron, Shoshana K. Goldberg, Winston Luhur, Wynn Tashman, Adam P. Romero
November 2018

Approximately 19 percent, or 1.9 million, LGB adults report having a gun in their home, compared to 35 percent, or 85 million, heterosexual adults, according to an analysis of data from the General Social Survey and the Cooperative Congressional Election Survey.

Researchers found that among LGB respondents, a comparable percentage of males (17%) and females (20%) reported having guns in their home. Among straight adults, however, men were more likely than women (40% vs 31%, respectively) to have a gun at home. Heterosexual non-Hispanic Whites (44%) were the mostly likely to have a gun and LGB people of color (7%) were the least.

Each year, gun violence accounts for 68% of US homicides. While violence is a significant problem for LGBT people, the extent to which guns contribute to LGBT morbidity and mortality is currently unknown.

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