Study: Half of Americans Now See Gender on a Spectrum

by Kate Sosin
January 07, 2020

Separate products designed for men and women are so last decade—that is, according to a new study released by global market research firm Ipsos.

Nearly half of Americans now see gender on a spectrum, rather than along the binary, researchers say. Half of women and four in 10 men say that gender is a spectrum. That number jumps dramatically among people between ages 25–34 (55%). It’s even higher among LGBTQ people, 84% of whom see gender on a spectrum.

The study crunches numbers from 1,021 adults surveyed over three days in October 2019. It explores everything from pronoun usage among respondents (just 1% use they/them) to how many know someone who is transgender (16%).

Research has already found that younger people are identifying as nonbinary in greater numbers. The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law estimates that .6% of the population is transgender. Ipsos, meanwhile, says their research shows that 2.5% of Americans ages 18–24 identify as nonbinary.

That reality means companies need to swiftly recalibrate the way they approach product design and marketing, Ipsos says.

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